Kids join the sportswear trend

The Tokyo Olympics have finally started, but this time the Brazilian public will watch the biggest sporting event in the world directly from home (remembering that the last edition, in 2016, took place on Brazilian ground, with that crowd that we miss so much!).

Even by the TV screen, you can enjoy the performances of the Brazilian cast, who enter the scene with stylized uniforms by the Wöllner brand (all paged in the tonalities of the flag and with illustrations borrowed from the Amazon Forest).

To get in the mood – and warm up the spirits –, bet on sweatshirts, sweaters with a school look, comfortable shirts and, of course, a good pair of sneakers. Pay attention to the well-known brands in the segment (Nike, Adidas, Puma, Kappa, Umbro and Fila), which are the references for casual fashion.

Winter colors bring a certain sobriety, with a predominance of solid tones, such as black, white and navy blue, in addition to thermal fabrics (quilts, velvets, waterproof nylon, wool and synthetics). The add-on appears with vibrant brushstrokes in the details – yellow, green, orange and red are allowed.

With the outfit ready, choose your team!

By the way, surfing, skateboarding, climbing, karate and baseball are making their debut in the Japanese arenas – and Brazil has a good chance of stepping onto the podium with Rayssa Leal (who is 13!) and Leticia Bufoni, on skateboarding; Gabriel Medina and Italo Ferreira in surfing. Let’s send positive energy to the Land of the Rising Sun!

By Patrícia Favalle, Editor In-Chief – Harper’s Bazaar Kids 


Photos: Wöllner / Divulgation
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