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Kids also dictate fashion – and this has been happening ever since children’s relevance came to the fore. Ok, the movement is recent, but it is important to note that generation Z gave a shake-up in the market and boosted the permanent empowerment of the “alphas” (born after 2010). Now, respecting the wishes of this group and ensuring that what they wear has something to do with their identity is the rule in the fashion universe.

To show that these kids have to be taken seriously, we have listed the mini-influencers that are bombing on the social networks – and that, besides being good at style, are owners of engaged and multiple speeches.

Knixia e Knaomi Smith

Daughters of the microbiologist who became the CEO of Knourish, a powerful company of accessories and products for hair of different textures, the girls came into the world packed with fashion style. The duo loves to replicate looks, always with casual touches. It is so charming that they already parade as co-owners of their mother’s brand. @knixandkna

Coco Pink 

Her Western name already hints that she understands everything about fashion. Just like the most important designer in history, Coco Chanel, the little girl loves mixing patterns and creating unique compositions. At ten years old, the most hype little Japanese girl on the map declares herself a fan of chic brands, and since her first steps, she shines in cool clothes. On her Instagram, you can follow the growth of this true aesthete. @coco_pinkprincess


The British woman is part of the team that made her debut in the spotlight as a baby. She is so agile in front of the cameras that the girl is unseating a lot of professional models (with a lot of work for fashion labels). In her Instagram account – with more than 1.3 million followers – she shows modern combinations, but without leaving out those dresses borrowed from fairy tales. @fashion_laerta

Lorena Queiroz 

Child actress, singer and mini top, she became famous when she played the main character in the Brazilian soap opera “Carinha de Anjo”. Since then, Lorena has shown that she has the potential and personality to face the fashion universe. At the age of ten, she has already made hundreds of campaigns, recorded music videos, been in fashion shows, and puts on a show on her social networks (only on Instagram, more than 6.4 million people check her posts daily). @lorenaqueiroz

Lara, Mara e Sheila Bawar 

Elas são pop, gostam de moda e estão fazendo o maior sucesso. Sheila e as irmãs gêmeas Lara e Mara já estrelaram editoriais em títulos poderosos (incluindo a Bazaar Kids), e agora figuram no seleto grupo de digital influencers. Embora já esteja com os pés na adolescência, o trio ainda inspira muita criança por aí. @lara_mara_sheila 

Obocho Peters 

At 11 years old, the kid from Brooklyn, New York, is already seen as one of the most influential kid entrepreneurs on the globe. Obocho’s story as an entrepreneur began in 2018, when he decided to open an online thrift store to raise money to buy toys. His choice to be a thrift store owner comes from his love of fashion – and the classic style he flaunts. The business has worked so well, that he already has plans to have a physical store and create his own tag. @iamobocho

By Patrícia Favalle, Editor In-Chief – Harper’s Bazaar Kids 


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